Leading Plant-based Living expert announces debut book

NOURISHED: The Plant-based Path to Health and Happiness

On-sale in January at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Mango Publishing and other top retailers 

Pamela Wasabi - Plant Based Eating - Nourished2“Nourished explores the relationship between the foods we consume and the way we feel.  This concept was instrumental in my transition to a fully plant-based diet and lifestyle.  These topics inspire and challenge readers to become more conscious about their choices and ultimately support our main goal of reducing animal consumption around the world.” Matthew Kenney, Plant Based Celebrity Chef, Author

“Pamela not only has an enormous knowledge of plant based cuisine, she is also an amazing cook and shares a message that goes with every dish. The message of self love, self nourishing, self awareness towards a better and conscious way of eating. Only through our own self love and awareness we will heal ourselves, I trust Pamela for every dish to show me the amazing power that food have in our physical bodies and souls” BunnieCakes , Mariana Cortez Founder / Owner 

Nourished is narrative inspirational book that invites the reader to embark on its own journey towards a better living, healthy and happy life. The author, a plant based chef, expert in integrative nutrition and nutritional psychology combines these three alternatives to provide a solution on how to establish a prosperous relationship with food. Her take on diet is not to restrict, segment or accomplish a perfect unanimous diet, but to learn to understand one’s body and align our thoughts and emotions with it.

Find in Nourished tips, advise, and nutritional information on how to enrich your life through a plant based diet, healthy living, and connecting with Nature.

Nourished also offers 10+ start up plant based recipes.   

About the Author Pamela Wasabi is a lead authority in the plant-based and wellness communities of Miami. She is most recognized for hosting and preparing farm-to-table vegan dinners, supporting local agriculture, and leading workshops and lectures on our relationship with food, nourishment, and sacred femininity. Her background stretches from holistic nutrition and the psychology of eating to plant-based cuisine. It is her mission to awaken the collective consciousness into living in harmony with Nature.


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