Wasabi-33.jpgPamela Wasabi, Plant Based Chef and Educator — Photo by Nicole


Pamela Wasabi is a lead authority in the plant based and wellness community of Miami. She is most recognized for hosting and preparing farm to table vegan dinners, supporting local agriculture, and leading workshops and lectures on one’s relationship with food, nourishment and sacred femininity. Her background stretches from holistic nutrition, to plant based chef, and psychology of eating. It’s her mission to awaken the collective consciousness into living in Harmony with Nature.


Pamela Wasabi has been cooking plant based since 2013. Her culinary story begun when she encountered a medical condition that impeded her of having a natural birth and sentenced her to be on prescription pills for the rest of her life. She escaped the medical trap by studying holistic nutrition, learning how to cook, and farther more, receiving a certificate on psychology of eating. During her pregnancy she decided to change drastically her lifestyle. Half way through her nine month cycle she was able to balance her hormones and thyroid condition by simply changing the way she approached food, the selection of her ingredients, and the nourishment she offered herself by cooking her own meals. After giving birth, what started as hobby became her full time job as she expanded her chore into cooking for local vegan cafes, restaurants, catering parties, and working as a private chef.

Wasabi has worked in the past for Choices Café, Oolite Restaurant & Bar, Jugo Fresh,  Matthew Kenney, SEED Festival 2014, 2015, 2017 Conscious Bite Out Pop up Dinner Events, in the various roles of raw, baking, pastry, plant based chef, consultant and educator.

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