Cooking Class: Breakfast in Bed

TICKETS CLICK HERECooking Class- MannaWho doesn’t like heart-warming breakfast in bed — made with abundant amounts of love, and entirely plant-based and gluten free?

Joing Pamela Wasabi at MANNA Life Foods Gourment for a brunch-devouchery of class to understand how to compose a gluten free and vegan recipe with an outstanding result. From discussing the different gluten free flours, to natural vegan substitutes, you will learn how to make:

  • Pancakes
    You’ll get the gluten free pancake recipe to take home with you, and I’ll show you how easy it is to make at home and have it ready to go for relaxing weekends, or hectic school mornings.
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
    Delicious texture, creamy and easy to scoop ice cream made with cashews and coconut cream. We will be making a vanilla flavor, but you can take this recipe and recreating it to the flavor of your liking.. Cherry, Rum & Raising?
  • Granola
    I like my granola crunchy – my only requirement. The trick is in the liquid to dry ratio. We will be making the recipe from scratch and tasting it fresh out of the oven… yum
  • Cashew Yogurt
    Fermentation! That’s what makes yogurt a-probiotic-healthy-food. I can’t find a yogurt on the market that satisfies me, and it is so easy to make, no need to shop for it. Whatever it’s the probiotic you are deficient in, you can add it to your homemade yogurt and create your own medicine at home.
  • Chocolate Syrup
    Because it goes on anything and with everything. Ice cream? yes. Pancakes? of course. Or we can have all these recipes intertwine together and make a brunch out of this super fun class!

Join us and take home the gift of nourishing foods.
Class is great for begginers and advanced vegan connoisseurs!


Pamela Wasabi is a lead authority in the plant-based and wellness communities of Miami. She is most recognized for hosting and preparing farm-to-table vegan dinners, supporting local agriculture, and leading workshops and lectures on our relationship with food, nourishment, and sacred femininity. Her background stretches from holistic nutrition and the psychology of eating to high end plant-based cuisine. It is her mission to awaken the collective consciousness into living in harmony with Nature. She also published a book title “Nourished” available through main retailers including Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


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